The Lion King 1 Characters

对于狮子王一代的人物我以一个成语来表示就是无可挑剔!人物的刻画入木三分,笔墨的运用恰到好处.即使是反面人物刀疤都是不少影迷的崇拜对象. 土狼的性格是既可恨又可笑,你对他们的感觉应该是忍俊不禁而不是恨之入骨吧?这就是迪斯尼人物的特点! Disney artists have given every character a unique personality. I bet there're a lot of TLK fans think Scar is cool. And hyenas, even they are 'evil', but they are 'funnily-evil'. That is, you can't really hate them, maybe you would laugh at them more!



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辛巴 Simba
娜娜 Nala
木法沙 Mufasa
沙拉碧 Sarabi
刀疤 Scar
沙拉菲娜 Sarafina
拉飞奇 Rafiki
丁满 Timon
彭彭 Pumbaa
沙祖 Zazu
土狼(鬣狗) Hyenas